System Integration

A seismic source is a complex assembly of many equipment, but not only.
A lot of physics is involved, several manufacturers and parties too.
Combining all these aspects is a specific job that requires skills and background.
A successful project requires coordination and anticipation.

Integration is key!

All engineers will tell you the same, integration is key!

Problems always happen where the interfaces lie.


In order to complete a working and performing integration, not only the mechanical aspects will be covered but also the physics and people involved.


When it comes to physics, we are capable of simulating all physical phenomenon involved in a seismic source to anticipate all side effects and drawbacks:

  • Thermal
  • Pneumatic
  • Mechanical
  • Acoustics
  • Hydraulic

We use to do so a 1D simulation software which will allow a complete modelling of the source from the compressor to the very inside of the air guns, whatever the brand.


Once the modelling of the system is completed, we convert this theoretical model into a scope of supply constituted by the most adapted existing equipment, whatever the brand.


Again, D2C will not provide what we have on hand but what you need to serve your actual need, hence your own client’s needs.


When it comes to people, D2C partners have a strong network and long lasting relationships with many major actors in this industry.


We will coordinate for you the delivery, training and start-up of all equipment. We will also remain the entry point between you and all vendors involved to ease your day-to-day business and smooth your system management.


An optimized system requires focusing on the need and the expected outcome, not what we have on hand.