Customer Support

As soon as you are a D2C Engineering Customers, you have access to our Support.
With a large range of skills and expertise, we can help you resolving any situation you may be experiencing.
We can provide help from our back-office or in the field, worldwide.
We can train your teams with advanced and tailor-made training programs.

We provide

  • Remote help
  • Field Intervention
  • Training

Remote help

Seismic Sources are complex systems.

They are made of many equipment from different manufacturers.

Troubleshooting takes time hence money.

You can get stuck for ages during audits or discussions with your client.

Being a D2C Client, you will have access to our expertise through our customer Support and tons of routines and simulation tools to speed up this process.

A lot can be done from our premises.

Through questionnaires, discussions and data analysis we can help you getting back on the right tracks.

Our dedicated team will answer fast.

We want to help you saving time and money.

Give us shot, please feel free to come up with any issue and we will dig into it.

Field Intervention

Some issues can't be resolved from the office.

Systems need to be assessed deeper by experts to figure out what is happening.

Our team can travel worldwide to evaluate your situation and help you resolving your issues.

Thanks to our strong network, we can also staff expert users that will know very well about your hardware and work with us on resolving whatever you may be experiencing.





We can provide advanced trainings to your team.

Not only your team will be able to run efficiently the system, they will also leave with a deep understanding of your equipment.

They will therefore have less difficulties to anticipate or resolve any future situation.

We have designed Seismic Sources for a long period of time; we trust that the more people understand what the products are meant to do, the better they will manage your system.

Custom training programs can be prepared jointly.

Trainings can be done in our premises or wherever you need, worldwide.


Being our valued Customer, D2C's back-office and expertise are yours.