Equipment and Spares

D2C Engineering can provide any equipment that you will find in a Seismic Source.
We provide what you need, whatever the brand, new or second-hand.
We will be there all along the equipment lifespan to provide help and associated spares.

We provide

  • Back-deck equipment
  • In-Sea Equipment
  • All spares and interfaces

Back-Deck Equipment

D2C Engineering can provide:

  • Gun Controllers
  • Dispatch panels
  • Slip-Rings
  • Junction boxes
  • Cables
  • Winches
  • Frames
  • Containers
  • ...

Please feel free to ask, whatever you may need.

We will tune the equipment to your need to ensure ease of use and limited budget.

In-Sea Equipment

D2C Engineering can provide:

  • Umbilicals with termination
  • Towing solutions
  • Gun floats
  • Barges
  • Gun plates
  • Pressure and Depth Transducers
  • Electrical cables
  • Air hoses
  • Airguns
  • Shut-Off valves
  • GPS systems
  • Hydrophones
  • ...

Everything you may want in your Source at the best price and adapted to your need.

We also provide:

  • Tail-buoys
  • Retrievers
  • Birds
  • ...

Please feel free to ask whatever you have in mind, we will make our best to find the best option.

Seismic Source

Spares and Interfaces

Whatever the equipment you will source to D2C, we will be capable of supplying spares.

Our prices are very reasonable and we are sure we can help you reducing your cost of ownership.

Problems happen at the interfaces, we can work on this for you to ensure the best match between your hardware.


    For all equipment, we can tune it per your need, pack it per your requirement, customize whatever you want. We are Integrators, we don't sell things because we have them on hand.