We can bring your cost of ownership down by optimizing your maintenance plans.
We can audit your system and overhaul it before or after jobs.

We provide

  • Maintenance plans.
  • Maintenance documents.
  • Maintenance and QC jobs.

Maintenance Plans

Maintenance plans are most of the time very conservative in order to ensure reliability at sea.

Big stocks hence cash are usually held on board each vessel.

Most of the time, the maintenance period could be extended which would allow saving a lot of money.

Spare parts business is flourishing and no manufacturer will encourage such consideration.


In order to extend the maintenance period, a deep knowledge of the systems is required.

A detailed analysis of your complete system is also required to make the proper choices.

Our strong background of product developper and integrator can be used to perform such job for you.

Together, we will review and assess your existing plans in order to optimize them in a safe manner.

You will save a lot of money with time.

Maintenance documents

External growth, different project teams, older and more recent vessels, most of the time operational conditions and equipment are very different within the same company.

Because it was a painful process to perform an inventory, each vessel can turn into a independent entity.

This is also true for maintenance.

Of course the experience of the teams is an asset that must not be neglected.

But relying only on this will often lead to excessive maintenance cost and massive stocks.

We can run that process for you, document it rigorously and come up with a personalized plan for each vessel.

Instructions to follow will be therefore centralized and become clear to everyone.

Our target will always be the same:

  • Ruggedize the process.
  • Maintain and enhance reliability.
  • Bring the cost down.
Maintenance manual

Audits and QC

  • You have acquired a new vessel with an existing Seismic System?
  • You have sourced second hand equipment?
  • You are about to complete a critical job and want to secure it?
  • You miss resources?

We can complete the maintenance job for you.

We can also assess the shape of your equipment and perform QC jobs even using external labs.