Multi-Domain Simulations

A Seismic Source is built from many equipment.
Interfacing them well is key. But this is not enough.
Physics is involved. And it has often more impact than the hardware itself.

One system, a lot of physics

A Seismic Source is powered by air.

The air supplied has a defined temperature when coming out the compressor.

The compressed air will travel all along the system, in different environment and temperature.

It will be compressed, released, compressed again...

Driven by softwares, Electrical devices will trigger the guns, others will measure and monitor the various parameters.

Finally, airguns will deliver an acoustic signal into the water.

There is only one way to understand the interactions happening in a Seismic Source: Multi-domain Simulations.

Simulation Software 

We use a 1D simulation tool to model the complete Source.

Accuracy is high and computation time is reduced.


Intelligent systems have become a key driver for improved product performance and innovative design in many industries.


Our software stands as the system simulation platform of choice to:

  • Analyze the functional performance of mechatronic systems from the early development stage onwards.
  • Optimize the complex interaction between mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal and electric/electronic systems well before the first physical prototype becomes available.
  • Proactively engineer a critical function and improve overall product performance and quality.
  • Avoid design flaws, explore innovative designs and accelerate product development.

All items from the Seismic Source are integrated into the model: compressors, filters, storage bottles, slip-ring, umbilical, piping, airguns, ...


AMESim Source


Not only they will interact with time, the tool will give us information wherever we need in the system.

We can therefore anticipate the dynamic of the whole system but also reproduce the exact conditions your system is running in.


It is therefore a great tool to size your future designs but also a great tool to understand any phenomenon you may observe and want to explain.


We can use it to:

  • Design your Sources.
  • Upgrade your Sources with no side effects.
  • Validate air-supply settings to reach the client's requirement.
  • Define the limits of your Sources, existing or new.
  • Troubleshoot.
  • Identify weaknesses and upgrade requirement.
  • Enhance your performances hence reduce your operational costs.

There is no system that we can't model. Once your system has been modeled, we will provide fast answers whenever you need.