Airgun Array Simulation

D2C Engineering can provide you with optimized airguns array designs.

We use our background in Acoustics and Operations to provide the best performance but not only.

Our source designs are also meant to be easier and cheaper to use, tune, reconfigured and maintained.

An airgun array is not only an acoustic output

We use the Gundalf TM package to simulate air-gun arrays.


Based on many years of research, Gundalf TM provides source signatures with full interactive allowed between all airguns.


When simulating Seismic air-guns arrays, D2C integrate operational and cost aspects: not only we aim at providing the best source signature, but we also integrate:

  • Reliability of the whole system,
  • Maintenance aspect,
  • Sase of use,
  • Standardization.

Seismic sources generate a very harsh environment while they must remain very reliable and accurate.


Based on your acoustic requirement, we will come up with the best compromise between performance and operational aspects.

Directivity Plot from Gundalf TM


Our strong background in acoustics enables to fine tune signatures and smooth spectrums while keeping the source volume as low as possible to reduce air consumption and associated cost.


Once again, the simpler the better but also the cheaper! More does not necessarily mean better!