Seismic Source Project

We will help you to convert your need of Seismic Source into a working system.
Our systems are simple, reliable and cost effective.


We keep things simple. This is our very first design rule.


Well integrated systems with ruggedized and simplified interfaces are reliable and safe.

Cost effective

Nothing more but what you really need. Premium hardware from all vendors.

From the Idea to the Field

D2C Engineering can work with you from the very early stage of your Seismic Source project to its completion.


Being experts in Seismic Sources and Systems, we can turn your needs and ideas into an actual system that will match your expectations. Your need will always remain the entry point.


We will define jointly what are the performances you need to reach to meet your own client's expectations.

We will detail every equipment you may want to use, from the compressor to the very inside of the airguns.


All options can be provided, no need to be an expert, we will explain everything you may want to understand.


This need will be converted into a theoretical Source model that will validate the architecture of the future system.

Nothing useless will be added. The simpler the better, and the cheaper.


We will model both the airgun layout and the whole air supply system.

The Source's future performances will be therefore guaranteed as it's been considered as one complete system.

Modeling the whole Source is the only way to ensure that the system will meet your expectations.


Once the sizing of the system validated, we will pick the best equipment, wherever it is to come up with the best compromise in terms of:

  • Quality.
  • Performance.
  • Cost.
  • Ease of use.
  • Safety.

At this stage, competition between vendors is crucial. It brings the cost down. And all manufacturers have good products but not only.


We can deliver and perform the rigging of the whole system. We will be there for the installation job and the start-up.


Training your team and providing all Maintenance and Operation manuals is also something we can do for you.

Once the system delivered, you'll never be alone.

D2C Engineering will deliver a High-end support all long the life of the system.


We can:

  • Help you maintaining your system by providing and sourcing spare parts.
  • Perform maintenance jobs and upgrades.
  • Troubleshoot any field issue you may experience.
  • Train your team.