Why Partner with D2C

D2C Engineering cumulates Technical and Operation Expertise.
We use our knowledge to deliver the system you need at the very best cost.
We know about the field, we know about our business, and we are continuously changing some of it.
We trust that competition is key to bring you the best set of equipment.
We trust that our business needs competition to be sustainable.

Game changer

  • We trust that enough money has been spent in inadapted equipment or inefficient systems.
  • We trust that a better understanding of the systems is required to come up with not only the most performing system, but also with only what you needed in the first place.
  • We won't sell everything we have on hand; only what will get work done.

By so doing, not only your budget is reduced, but systems get simpler hence more effective and reliable.


To come up with an integrated and performing system, one condition: pick the best equipment wherever it is, whatever the manufacturer.


With more than 20 years of experience in the seismic Industry, D2C's team has a deep knowledge of the field requirement.


We know all vendors and major actors in the industry.


We combine both the technical expertise as former R&D people and the Operation expertise as we have delivered working systems worldwide and for years.



With a strong background into the seismic field, D2C can turn your seismic project into a working solution.


We will convert your need into the simplest and most efficient system.


We will deliver a high-end support all along the life of what we have provided you with.

Your project has to remain yours. We aim at serving your need, not dictating it.