Marine Cables

Make your life simpler.
Bring your cost of ownership down.

Premium Marine Cables

Field proven. One year Warranty.

Simple order process

No Minimum Quantity of Order, No Minimum Amount of Order, short leadtime, no export concerns.

All types

Electrical Lines, Gun jumpers, Octopus, Splitters, every cable you need.

D2C can provide all the cables you need

Starting summer 2020, D2C is the Exclusive & Global retailer of field proven Marine Cables.

All cables you have in mind, whatever the type of gun, whatever the type of gun controller, ...


These cables have been widely used in the field for the past 15 years.

They have been for years now at the reliability and quality level the most intensive users are expecting.


Not only they come at a better price, but you will get them with no troublesome sourcing conditions.

No minimum quantity per item, no minimum value per order, no pain whatsoever.


Tested in our premises and packed with care, they will be delivered to you extremely rapidly.

All cables run through our French facility for an in-house inspection and being thoroughly tested.

You can just get what you need, now.


Our configuration tool will help you designing everything you need,

It can be found here and of course it's free:

Seismic cables

Want to make your own mind?

Please feel free to ask for free samples.

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We will send you enough of our great cables to understand how much time and money you could save thanks to them.

Thousands are already in the field, you will be happy with them.

D2C keeps on bringing you the best at a better price. Think for yourself. Adopt our Marine Cables.